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About ESC… (Read our constitution here)

The Engineering Student Council at the University of Kentucky is committed to providing services and to furthering the development of the engineering student body. We will provide the means to coordinate the interactions of the engineering student organizations, for better communication between them and to enhance student programs. We will act as the liaison to the faculty, administration and Alumni Association to express student concerns and our commitment to the continuous improvement of the College of Engineering.

Activities of the Engineering Student Council include:

  • Freshman Orientation– A program set up to welcome the new Engineering Students to the college and allow them to talk to current students to get a students answer to their questions, it also allows them to learn about the various Engineering Organizations they can get involved with.

  • Engineers Day– E-day occurs every year in late February during the National Engineers Week, it is a way for kids from elementary to high school to learn more about UK’s College of Engineering, student organizations hold contest for the kids and several companies attend to show what Engineers are doing in the “Real World.”
  • Dean’s Forum– A way for the Dean to let the students know what is going on in the college and allow the students to ask questions about the college.

Meetings are held monthly and all engineering students are welcome to attend.

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