E-Week Trivia – Engineering on Campus!

How it works:
Trivia is open to all engineering students.  There will be 3-5 questions each day available to answer, just click on the links for each day as the become available.  Check back each day to see the new set of questions, as posted below, with the answers from the previous day.  For each question you get right, your name will be added once to our drawing (aka, the more questions you answers and get right, the more chances you have to win!).  At the end of the week, we will draw 5 names from the list and contact the winners to receive a free CoE t-shirt from the 2014 design set!  Email ukyesc@gmail.com for more information or questions!

Monday questions – dorms, dorms, dorms.    Answers: 1) Mechanical, 2) 100, 3) 400

Tuesday questions  – people to know!    Answers: 1) Davis Marksbury, 2) All of the above, 3) Dean Walz

Wednesday questions – other awesome (engineering) buildings… 
Answers (some):  RGAN, FPAT, OHR, WT Young Library, POT, Markbury, DV Terrell Bldg, Ingels Hall, SJ Whalen bldg, Hardymon bldg, Patterson dorm, Pence hall, James W. Stuckert Career Center

Thursday questions – why I am an engineer! (will be available until F 2/21, 7PM)


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