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To be in good standing, ALL student organizations, including Honor Societies and Graduate Student Organizations, must:

  • Have been in good standing with ESC and the College of Engineering at the end of the 2017-2018 academic year.
  • Register their student organization with ESC by July 1, 2018 (information for registration has been sent out via email to the appropriate recipients).
  • Have up-to-date information on file with ESC by July 1, 2018(includes officer contact information, copy of bylaws/constitution, roster of membership, etc.).
    • Information Form For ESC:
  • Have a representative at every ESC meeting, which are held monthly and set at the beginning of the semester (legitimate emailed excuses ahead of time to the ESC President or Secretary, and emergencies obviously are excused).
  • Submit participation information and participate in the following events, if they occur:
  1. Freshmen Engineering Orientation
    1. Set up a table/booth to provide freshmen with information about your organization.
    2. Send at least 1 representative to be on a major-specific panel for freshmen to ask questions.
  2. College of Engineering Family Breakfast
    1. Set up a table/booth to provide visitors with information about your organization.
  3. 2018-2019 ESC Leadership Retreat
  4. Alumni Homecoming Event
  5. Engineers Week/Engineers Day
    1. Send 2 representatives for setup and 2 for cleanup.
    2. Have a contest and/or information table.
    3. Submit contest rules by given deadline to E-Day director.
  • Provide at least 3 tutors at 1 session of Ingels Hall tutoring (scheduled by ESC) each semester.
  • Submit a summary as required by the College of Engineering from any given funding (see 351 RGAN at the Dean’s office for questions): It should include a description of how the funds were used for the event, how it benefited your organization, and please include pictures, awards, etc. This summary must be done prior to reimbursements.

For Honor Societies and Graduate Student Organizations only:

  • You are exempt from participating in Freshmen Engineering Orientation, as you do not recruit freshmen members.
  • You must provide at least 3 tutors at a total of 2 sessions of Ingels Hall tutoring (scheduled by ESC) each semester.

Redemption Clause

If an organization does not meet 1 of the previous requirements, they will have to complete additional tutoring to be back in good standing.  It is at the discretion of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs to determine if the organization can receive or apply for funding after the redemption acts are completed.  Any tutoring redemption sessions not completed by the end of the semester will be rolled over to the following semester for completion.  Each representative attending the tutoring session will count as an additional time.  The highest number of representatives allowed at make-up sessions is 2.  All make-up sessions must be scheduled through ESC.

All student organizations:

  • If the student organization does not register or turn in appropriate information by the given deadlines, the organization must contact ESC explaining the reason for not submitting on time, and help with tutoring an additional time for every week late until the paperwork is turned in.
  • If the organization was not represented at one of the events listed (if offered) then they must help with tutoring at an additional 4 sessions.
  • If the student organization fails to attend the monthly ESC meetings, they must help with tutoring an additional 2 times.
  • If a summary of the organizations last event was not submitted to the Alumni Programs office then they must submit it immediately and help with 1 additional tutoring session.


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